Scaling to a 7 Figure Level: Here’s My Productivity Secrets

Giving Them Away: Here’s 7 Secrets You Can Use Immediately to Earn More & Work A Lot Less

I admit it… It’s unusual.

Running a 7 figure a year business in 2 hours work per day, with little desire to work more, is unusual to say the least.

I’ve dedicated a large portion of my time to mastering minimizing work.

... The lazy science: I.e. getting stuff done as good and as efficiently as possible.

In fact- People ask me all the time:

“George, what do you do? I never see you work.”

They’re wrong. Because I do work of course, I just work smart.

And many would say I have indeed got it down to a science. A science I’m about to give you.

These 7 life hacks are of use to everyone: Whether it’s an internet business you own OR group of dental practices OR setting up your first website OR providing services like photography OR even useful tips for studying through college.

Often people make the mistake of assuming this only applies to an ‘internet business’. That’s not true, these principles have helped many of my friends across many different industries… Because with the right plan and staff in place, almost any business can be run in a extremely focused few hours a day.

NOTE: I will not waste your time with buzz words like ‘10xing your business’, ’vision boards’ or ‘sticking to goals’. We all know we need goals, I won’t repeat stuff you’ve heard a thousand times over. I’ll only present real techniques I use every day.

So, how do I run a 7 figure a year business working less than 2 hours a day?

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