How To Never Worry About “Writing Content” Again


How To Never Worry About Writing Content Again & Make Sure Every Piece Of Content Is A Winner…

Have you ever spent hours creating content to later find out only a small handful of people saw it? 

It’s disheartening, and quite frankly it’s a waste of time…

So how do you create engaging content quickly but get people see it?

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘content is king’ before, and in this free training I walk you through the exact formula I’ve used to generate over 200,000 visitors this month alone to this blog spending less than a few hours on content.

I get it.

From creating daily content on social media to in-depth blog posts and videos, creating and publishing content is tiring.

So here’s how you can simplify the creation process alongside making sure the right audience see it.

Why Content Is King

To start with, why is content important?

What makes it effective?

Consumers value free content, and by creating value through the content you’re creating you’re building trust before you sell.

As a customer we try to avoid hard sells.

For example, let’s say you’re promoting an affiliate offer through a blog post, the content you create will offer value alongside offering the affiliate product as a solution towards the end.

Some of the biggest traffic sources online rely on content too. Written content ranks well in Google attracting visitors for free alongside YouTube that’s built around video content.


But even though content is king it can also be extremely time consuming.

If you’re not in a niche you’re passionate about it’s a struggle to create content based around a topic or subject you don’t know much about.

How long would it take you to write a 1500 word article on a subject you know very little about and you also have no interest in?

When we create niche sites that require content it becomes very hard to stay consistent.

You then also have to consider how many people see the content after you’ve created it…

Imagine spending 4 hours working on a 1500 word article showing people how to train their puppy to stay only to then later discover 12 people saw it… with an unfathomable amount of content already out there it’s easy to get lost in the mix.

It’s not as easy as just writing a 500 word article, publishing it and having floods of visitors come rushing in to read it.

But I wanted to simplify it for you, giving you the formula I use to make sure you never have to worry about content again.

The Formula

Reverse Engineer What’s Popular

When choosing what content to create, guessing is never a wise idea. Just because it’s content you think people will appreciate, it doesn’t always mean people are looking for it.

With tools available such as Google’s Keyword Planner, BuzzSumo and Semrush we can see what’s in demand already so we know it’s being searched for.

Let’s dive deeper into this…

If I was creating content based around ‘getting a six pack’ I could either take a guess at what people want or I could use BuzzSumo to see what posts and topics have been shared the most.

All I need to do is search for a keyword related to my niche, I’ve gone for ‘six pack abs’…


The results will show me the most shared articles related to that keyword alongside showing me the type of content and where it’s been shared.

Here are the results I get…

buzzsumo results

Just from these results alone I can start to see the type of content my audience engages well with.

List posts feature often in the top 10 most shared pieces of content for this keyword, alongside content which features a specific workout routine.

I also can see that the most shared content has over 40,000 shares which goes to show me this is a topic that’s in demand and being searched for/shared.

Here’s a few examples of potential content ideas I could then come up with based on these results…

” The 5 Minute Ab Workout To Get A Shredded Six Pack”

“9 Reasons Why You STILL Haven’t Got A Six Pack”

” 15 Days To A Beach Ready Six Pack (Workout Program)”

” 5 Exercises To Get A Shredded Six Pack”

Before the creation process begins I already know (from using this data) that the topic is in demand.

It’s also way to get ideas for content, especially when it’s a niche you’re not passionate about.

The key to this strategy is to make sure you create a better version yourself, something that’s going to also likely be shared across social media.

Alongside looking for content that’s already been shared you can also use to see what’s being searched alongside analysing your competition

Simply type in a keyword related to your niche and you’ll find some long tail keywords to create content around…


Just from using this one keyword I can already see there’s search volume for topics such as ‘Six Pack Abs Workout’ or ‘How To Get Six Pack Abs In A Week’ – that’s two more potential pieces of content.

With you can also enter a related blog or website and see what keywords drive the most traffic.

For example I’ve ran a ‘Domain Overview’ search on and below we can see the top organic keywords driving them the most visitors…

semrush domain overview

These are pretty competitive, but I’d take each one and either create content around them or look for long tail keywords that are related to them.

By reverse engineering what’s working already and improving upon it it really takes out the guess work, allowing you to rest assured the content you’re creating is already being looked for.

Your Preferred Form of Content

Knowing what topic to go for is one thing, but understanding the best way to present that content can be challenging.

Personally, I always recommend playing to your strengths.

Are you better talking on video? Are you a better writer? Will audio better suit you?

Choose a form a content which will allow you to personally create content quicker but also deliver it better.

content types

You also need to take into consideration how your audience like to consume content. Take a look at some of the most shared content on Buzzsumo and see what forms of content feature more.

Knowing how your audience prefer to consume content combined with how you excel when it comes to creating content is a winning combination that will save time and also help your efforts.

The Easy Creation Formula

If you’re creating the content yourself, speeding up the process without affecting the quality can be challenging.

Choosing the form of content you prefer will help speed things up but in all honesty, we speak quicker than we write.

Using an audio or video recorder to ‘speak’ the content and then transcribing it into written format will speed things up alongside giving you different forms of content to use.

Here’s the steps to follow…

1. Create a video or audio recording of the content.
2. Transcribe the recording at ($1 per minute with good accuracy)
3. Edit the transcription to read better
4. Format and add headings/images where needed
5. Publish
6. Embed original video/audio recording as well (optional)

But what if you want to skip the whole content creation process yourself?

Outsourcing content will save you a lot of time allowing you to focus on making sure the content is being seen. Using services such as or are affordable solutions alongside finding a partner who’s passionate on the subject to collaborate with.

As your traffic grows you’ll start to attract guest writers who’ll want to create the content for you (for free) in return of the exposure they’ll receive.

Repurposing 1 Piece Of Content

One big mistake a lot of content creators make is simply sticking to just one form of content.

A blog post you’ve written can easily be turned into multiple pieces of content. You can take the written post and turn it into a video (send it as a script for someone to create or create it yourself). It can then be turned into audio format for a Podcast, it can be turned into an infographic (using a designer on Fiverr or alongside even turning it into a Facebook post and an email update too.

Take one piece of content, create different variations of it and syndicate it across different channels.


Your video version of the content can be shared on YouTube, the audio version could be uploaded to Soundcloud or a Podcast, the infographic can be shared on Pinterest and so on…

Don’t spend hours on the content creation and ‘hope’ people see it.

Easily turn one piece of content into multiple formats and syndicate them across different channels.

Getting Your Content Seen

Last but not least, creating a strategy to make sure people are exposed to your content is key.

There’s multiple traffic strategies out there, but there’s some basics a lot of people miss out on.

Creating content that’s shareable alongside targeting a keyword will generate organic traffic in the long run but here’s a few other methods to get eyeballs on your content.

Share It On Social Media – From updating your own social profiles to sharing within well established groups and pages.

Guest Blogging – Find related blogs with high traffic volume and see if they accept guest posting. If they do, share the article on their blog too. Different blogs have different guidelines but is free and also another alternative. Within your guest post link back to the original article.

Paid Traffic – Using the likes of Facebook ads will allow you to drive targeted visitors to your content at a small cost. Yes, you’re paying for traffic but if you’re monetizing that traffic it can be highly worthwhile.

The more eyeballs that hit your content the better so don’t be afraid of spending a little bit on traffic.

I recently ran a small campaign on Facebook driving traffic to a recent post on this blog, the results are shared below.

facebook adsYou can see this simple Facebook ad generated over 1,000 visitors with a reach of over 16,000 targeted people for as little as $30.

It ended up having over 50 shares, bringing in organic traffic too.

Spread Your Content – As I’ve already mentioned getting your content in as many places as possible will boost your chances of increasing the amount of people seeing it.

Adding a video version to YouTube will tap into their high volume of daily traffic, reposting an article on LinkedIn or Medium will tap into their established authority…

Get your content in as many places as possible.

Get Creating

So there we have it, we know how important content is but you also know how to make it worth your time.

No excuses.

Let me know what you think in the comments below :)

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      There is a FREE online tool available that will do the transcription for you. I use it to get transcriptions from YouTube videos that are in my niche. You just need to look and be sure the video has closed captions. I’m able to use the transcriptions for content on my websites. I run them through Copyscape just to insure they are not already being used online. This tool allows you to edit the transcriptions on the fly when and where needed. Editing is needed most of the time because most of the speakers usually are using poor grammar, are not native speakers, or simply don’t speak concisely. However, if you are the one making the video to be uploaded to YouTube, you know going into it that speaking clearly and concisely will result in transcriptions that require little or no editing.

      Here is the URL – This great tool was developed by Mike Ridgeway. If any of you can make a small donation to Mike, it would be greatly appreciated. He is single-handedly supporting a needy family in St. Louis.

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