Am I Billed Monthly for Google Sniper?
Posted by Anthony Sniper on 09 April 2015 09:08 AM

The Google Sniper payment is a one time payment however there is an "optional" Sniper X monthly
membership which is charged at $47 per month and can be cancelled at any time. 

Usually similar membership websites charge over $100 and sometimes $150+ per month, but members
of Google Sniper will get everything for just a small cost of $47 per month.

The Sniper X membership includes:

- Access to VIP group coaching sessions, held over webinar format, twice a month over the next
2 months. A surefire way for you to see success by working with a 6 figure Sniping coach, you'll get
real help with your Sniper campaigns and problems. 

- New and Updated Google Sniping exclusive training constantly updated - Things that are
covered are things such as: New Traffic stratgies, New ways to increase your income and other
ways to improve and grow your online business.

- You'll also get access to new and exclusive privlidges that ONLY Sniper X members will get access to!

When you purchase Google Sniper you'll get one full month of "Sniper X" for free as a bonus,
you can cancel at any time by following the instructions here.

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