When will my Google Sniper site start producing sales?
Posted by Anthony Sniper on 29 April 2015 10:42 AM

Well done!  If your this far, it means you have taken some serious action and you've gone through the manual and training videos and now you've built your Google Sniper site.

When exactly will you start earning with your Google Sniper site is very dependant on serveal factors such as your current ranking, your pre sell, traffic, the product you've chosen to promote, etc. 

So it's difficult to say exactly when your site will start producing sales (however from personal experience we have seen sites earning as early as a week of going live).

There are several different stages to Sniping, here is a rough overview of each stage.

Stage 1:  Completed Google Sniper Website Creation

The bulk of the work happens here which is the stage where we create our Google Sniper website.  We do this by following the manual, training video's and being creative when picking a niche so it will remain profitable for years to come!  Before anything happens, make sure you read the manual here and then go through the 7 core training videos here (before you start creating your Google Sniper website).

Stage 2:  Organic Google Ranking Process

This is the stage where we let all our original efforts work and search engine go to work, depending on the level of compeititon and how well you have executed your Sniper site (and a few other things), this will determine how fast your site is ranked.  This is done by simply making a good Sniper site which gives a ton of value to it's visitors and waiting on Google to do it's due diligence before ranking and placing you in their search engine!

Stage 3:  Assisted Google Ranking Activities

If you find that your Google Sniper website has not ranked as well as you would hoped it to, then by "bolting on" assisted Google Ranking activties will really help your Sniper site gain more recognition from Google itself and most likely help it increase it's search position and ranking.  You can watch, learn and implement a different method; shown in this section of the membership, click here.

Stage 4:  Ongoing Search Engine Safety Protocol

This is the final stage! Our aim is to maintain the ranking position (or improve) by consistently adding fresh content (recommended: bi weekly).  By doing so, Google will solidfy our position within the search engines which will maintain traffic for on coming months and years.

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