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Unfortunately, I cannot currently accept any more 1 on 1 coaching clients, unless you have a business that is at or approaching the seven figure mark, even then I must say it is highly unlikely. Also any requests to support a launch, build a website or any assistance regarding internet marketing, please do NOT submit here, you will not receive a reply. Apologies, I wish there was enough time in the day to work with everybody. For internet marketing questions, visit my support desk here and you will be responded to.

Note: Lately, we have been receiving over 1,000 emails a week on average, and obviously I can’t read all the emails. One of my staff reads all emails before forwarding to me. That means your email will be read but we more often than not we won’t reply. Just a forewarning.

That said, I’d love to hear from you, and I really appreciate your time to enjoy the free resource that is this blog. And if it is a business proposal outside of internet marketing, interview request or otherwise, feel free to submit.

The best way to send your feedback to me directly is in the comments of this blog. I always read those. Thank you.