Who & Why

Who is George Montagu Brown?


The unusual investor and serial entrepreneur.

George Montagu Brown, usually shortened to ‘George Brown’ and affectionately nicknamed the ‘James Bond’ of the internet, after being notoriously tough to track down for interviews and such.

George Montagu BrownAn entrepreneur of sorts, he has founded multiple seven figure businesses. His relaxed yet unorthodox approach allowing him great fortune at an early age and eager students from over 40 countries.

Growing up in the UK originally, George now lives not in any one place but instead, in the many corners of the Globe… In his words: Sometimes for a project, sometimes for no reason at all. One of his greatest pleasures being discovering the World from all angles.

You’re as likely to find him surfing an island in the Maldives atolls as you are sipping mint tea in the Sahara desert.

He enjoys the simple life, often choosing to live in absence of luxury in exchange for a more holistic experience.

A deep thinker, he loves inspiring others he meets to make a difference first to their own lives, and then to the World around them.

His other loves are adventure, he’s known as a bit of an adrenaline chaser, enjoying many wild ventures, nature and the ocean above all.

Writing too. And George’s distinctive written style has held him in high regard. From books, sales scripts to e-learning programs- His ability to break down the most complex subject to anyone in a step by step fashion no doubt contributing to his authoring success.

Despite being in the spotlight early on, today George prefers to work more behind the scenes. Looking more toward philanthropic projects and non profit ventures in animal rights.

Business wise, he is often best known by his early success: George released his first marketing course ‘Google Sniper’, when he was just 18 years old and subsequently made his first million from sales of the course just weeks later.

His success multiplied after releasing subsequent courses and holding seminars such as his first, when at 19, held his first seminar in London- The Internet Millionaires Summit. One of the largest internet marketing events that Summer.

As time went on, his young age and the fact he’d trained over 100,000 individuals on how to start an online business made him one of the most recognizable internet gurus out there… Although he still doesn’t see himself as one.

As with everything, as his team of incredibly individuals and the company grew significantly George shifted focus to the background and to other projects.

Preferring to focus on the big issues of our modern time and managing his existing businesses and property investments, George releases new marketing products rarely these days.

Above all, George is of the belief we all must live to change things for the better. Both for ourselves initially, usually meaning financially, and then once those goals are met that is our responsibility to change the World around us.

WHY this blog? This video from George explains: